You may be thinking I’m already focused on technology, staff training, and simply trying to get my deals done – you are probably saying what else can I be doing to secure my future?

First, I would say don’t get discouraged. We know this business better than anyone and disruption works much better from within.

So, how do we innovate and disrupt? Where should we focus our energies? Like other industries, what I think you should invest in today is top notch customer care training. Go outside of our industry and look at how other professionals are innovating their process of serving customers.

One of my favorite examples is Publix. The WOW moment….

If you’re not familiar, Publix it’s the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States with an aim to be the premier quality food retailer in the world.

They are known MOST for their customer care.

If you’re from the Southeast part of the country, you know that people who love Publix really LOVE Publix. They live by the phrase: “helping you is what we love to do.” It is that focus on exceptional customer engagement that has made them successful not just selling groceries.

If you went home and asked your team, would they have that same sentiment? Publix isn’t necessarily developing huge campaigns and wild schemes to better the customer care process. They are simply empowering their employees to do what it takes to “wow” the customer on each visit.

Ask yourselves what you can do in your business that gives your employees the training and direction to provide your customers with the same WOW.