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Our Story

It’s sort of a Cinderella story. So much so, that our CEO Mary O’Donnell initially wrote a fairytale instead of a business plan.  And guess what, it came true!

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The Early Days

Terry Wright opened the door for Westcor in 1993. At that time, Terry was an agent looking for an underwriter who understood the needs of agents; unable to find one, he started his own company. In 2004, Mary O’Donnell took the torch and never stopped reaching for the stars. Terry and Mary were kindred spirits, and they had a shared vision to build a business and create a culture centered around people, friendships, and trust.

Mary and Susie Pelham, employee number two, started out with borrowed furniture and office space, but their ambition and dedication were all their own. They began hiring one good person at a time and the company gradually started to gain momentum and assets of its own. Mary’s stellar reputation and leadership abilities were vital to the early success of Westcor.  She’s as genuine as they come and as the only female CEO of a national underwriter, Mary turned Westcor into the #1 independent underwriter in the nation.

Modern Day

As the nation’s largest independent underwriter, everything we do is designed to support independent agents across the country, from small towns to big cities, we believe in the power of community and creating lasting relationships both locally and nationally.

From day one, Westcor has been committed to competing for our agents, not against them, and that’s just one of the many differences that separate us from our competitors. We will always be an independent, proud, passionate, and purpose-driven company working towards a common goal. Our story continues to be one that inspires, motivates, and makes our team members feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

Our Leadership

Mary O’Donnell


Scott Chandler


Mike Schefstad


“We believe it is our team who have created our success. People, passion and positivity drive a new era of growth, innovation, and productivity.”

– Scott Chandler, COO

Our People

Creative, collaborative, and fun, our team is chockfull of fantastic folks who found a career in the title industry.