Supplier Diversity

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company® strives to create a diverse and inclusive culture that promotes understanding, accepting, respecting, and valuing differences among its clients, staff, agents and suppliers. We recognizes the importance of providing business opportunities for qualified diverse businesses and ensuring that diverse businesses have equal access to our procurement processes.

Westcor®’s supplier diversity mission is to proactively identify, build relationships, and engage certified diverse businesses to provide competitive, high-quality services that are in alignment with Westcor®’s business model and strategies. Westcor® is committed to the inclusion of diverse businesses in our solicitation, sourcing and procurement process.

Through our corporate procurement services, Westcor® develops supplier solutions to meet business unit requirements for purchased products and services, negotiates and implements contracts, and manages service level agreements. Our Supplier Diversity Manager ensures that a diverse supplier base is available during the bid process. All suppliers will be evaluated against the same requirements. Quality or service standards will never be compromised with the selection of a supplier.