Last week, we took the Audit group out for a fun night of bowling and go-karts and something struck me that night.
As business people, we understand the importance of customer interaction and making time for that one-on-one connection and the value that has on your market share.

However, what struck me that night is that it’s sometimes even more important to be out there with your team members. That is what is going to drive business – your people supporting your goals.

It’s an interesting balance.
Your team members are the foundation of your business, nothing gets done without them all working towards the same goal. And, sometimes, teams need a boost in morale. They need to be cheered on and shown their importance. It’s the personification of the saying, “actions speak louder than words.”

Team members need to see you as a leader with a clear vision who has their future in good hands, however, being with them just having fun is critical to success. People want to work for people they care about, and by leaders showing a keen interest in what team members are up to creates a connection that is based on trust and respect and a bit of fun.

Dottie Herman, CEO of Douglas Elliman, said it so clearly, “Take care of your people first, and they’ll take care of your business.” You know I’m willing to take care of my team when I am willing to put on rented shoes and bowl a few frames. Haha!
So, my challenge to you is – how are you going to take care of your people today? (Even if it means embarrassing yourself on the go-karts while your team members blow you off the track!)

– Mary O’Donnell | CEO & President