Florida -> Texas -> California -> Arizona -> Florida

That’s what last week looked like for me – four states in four days, but I wouldn’t change it for the world because I know it’s what is needed.

No matter how crazy a multi-city/state trip might look on paper, there is no substitute for getting out there and being face to face with your customers.

When you go out and see your customers, visit their offices, speak to their employees you create a real connection with what is going on in our industry. You discover the struggles and triumphs, the mistakes and the fixes, the true daily workings of your customer and in turn, your marketplace.

Running a company from your home office does not allow you to make strategic decisions based on a real live marketplace intelligence. And with a real understanding of what is going on and using that to help model your business moving forward, will only benefit you and your customers.

So, take the time to visit your customers, network with them, and listen to them. The true value in the marketplace comes from understanding that you both need something from one another and that making a face to face connection is a strategic and valuable way to make those connections last.

Also, if you fly through enough time zones you can make your days even longer! *Yikes* Not sure if that’s a great recommendation but it’s scientifically true so here’s to making better decisions during your long days!

– Mary O’Donnell | CEO & President