March 25, 2020

During these crazy times, sometimes we all need to remember how much the little things mean to us. So, we asked our Westcor employees to share some of the things that they’ve learned while adjusting to working from home. Here are what a few of the miscellaneous, thought-provoking, and humorous responses:

“I’ve learned that there are some seriously creative and funny people in the world and that humor goes a longggg way.”- Debbie Smith, Agency Representative

“I’ve learned that the ‘Step on the Power Button’ is my cats’ new favorite game! #FurBabyChallenges” – Glenda Smith, National Forms and Rates Administrator

“3 Things:
1 – Ending phone calls with my kids (4 & 2) remind those on the other end to ‘Wash their hands!’ has been a big hit.
2 – For as expensive as daycare seems, they should probably charge more.
3 – Clients are in the same boat. We’re having good laughs as we share/learn from the challenges. They appreciate the honest and helpful communication. It reinforces we’re all in this together.” – Grant Zehner, Midwest Regional Sales Manager

“Well, since the Florida Team has started video conferencing, I have learned to keep my lipstick next to my computer in case of the unexpected video call. Haha!” – Teresa Chiotti, Agency Representative