To help the industry better understand what’s next and prepare for it, ALTA creates a set of strategic priorities each year.

Over the next year, we’re going to continue to find solutions to protect our customers’ money with efforts like Stop Wire Fraud Dot Org.

We’re going to maintain and strengthen our relationships with all the agencies creating housing policy at the federal level to ensure ALTA always has a voice and a seat at the table. Digital closings and increased privacy laws will also be a focus as these changes will affect our business for years to come. The need to develop and retain talent is an issue facing each of us and we’ll work on workforce skills and specialized training to help your business navigate this changing terrain.
And lastly, we’re going to keep telling our story as an industry to ensure all our customers really understand what we do to protect property rights. I want you, our members, and the rest of the industry to mobilize this year. It’s hard for some companies to understand the benefit in what we’re doing here. I know it’s hard to focus when so much feels like it’s coming at you – Every. Single. Day.

Years ago, I was one of those people that wasn’t sure this investment in ALTA was a worthwhile opportunity.

However, certain team members at Westcor shared the importance of ALTA and our presence there, and every day I have seen the value we provide to our customers increase due to the resources and lessons we learn from each other at ALTA.