By Grant Zehner | Midwest Regional Agency Manager

You may have heard of the big four title insurance companies – Fidelity National Financial, First American, Old Republic, and Stewart Title. In the world of title insurance, the big four are the Hollywood studios, and Westcor is one of the independent production companies competing to make a name for themselves. While the big four may have more resources and a larger reach, Westcor sets themselves apart by being more creative, client-focused, and innovative. Let’s explore how Westcor stays innovative, inspiring, and tells incredible stories for independent agents in the title industry.

1) In-House Expertise and Training Programs

Westcor offers its independent agents exclusive training programs and access to their team of experts. We offer education and support on the most pressing industry topics to ensure that Westcor’s agents stay up to date on the latest trends and regulations. Not only does this expertise make our agents more valuable to our clients, but it also demonstrates that Westcor values its partnerships and is invested in their success.

2) Creative, Personalized Marketing Efforts

Westcor’s marketing strategy sets us apart from our competitors. We do not rely solely on flashy commercials and billboards, but rather invest in creating personalized marketing campaigns for our company and our clients. Our team of marketing professionals work hand-in-hand with agents to create marketing programs that align with their values and business goals. This approach shows that Westcor is dedicated to our agents’ success and takes the time to understand their unique challenges and opportunities.

3) Innovative Technology

Although Westcor is a newer player in the title industry, we are technology-focused and have invested in innovative solutions that benefit their agents. We offer an intuitive online portal, which allows agents to access underwriting abilities, processing updates, and other tools needed to streamline their workflow. This not only saves us time but also ensures that our clients can get through the title process as quickly as necessary. The company is also working on incorporating artificial intelligence to improve their processes even further.

4) Exceptional Service and Client Satisfaction

Finally, Westcor is committed to providing exceptional service to our agents and clients. We provide a customer-centric experience that prioritizes honest communication, transparency, and quick turnaround times. By listening to our clients’ individual needs, desires, and concerns, we can customize a process that works best for them. Westcor’s satisfied clients vouch for their personalized approach, recommending us to others and increasing our reputation in the industry.

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company proves that big budgets and flashy marketing campaigns are not always the keys to success in the title industry. We have set ourselves apart with a commitment to our partnerships, superior expertise, innovative technology, and personalized customer experiences. By staying ahead of the curve in these areas, Westcor has been able to build a successful, growing company without relying on extravagant budgets or direct operations. For independent agents in the title industry, Westcor is an inspiring company to learn from and partner with.