By Sally C DeWitt | Claims Manager | Counsel

Any kind of title problem can be somewhat terrifying, and not in the scary, fun way that dressing up as a ghost or witch or goblin is for kids on their trick-or-treat jaunt around the neighborhood. In the real estate industry, it’s not uncommon to hear eerie situations that leave everyone in disbelief and sometimes terrified. That’s why you want Westcor on your side.

For these property owners, it was certainly more of a trick than a treat!

The Hidden Graveyard

A developer bought several acres of land and looked forward eagerly to getting the site mapped, prepped, and ready for home builders. As he was clearing the property one day, he stumbled—literally—over an old gravestone, part of a small cemetery that had been hidden for decades under the overgrown shrubbery. Oops! Have you ever seen the movie Poltergeist? It wasn’t exactly the marketing campaign he had in mind!

Unexpected Guests

A young couple bought what they thought was going to be a dream home through an online auction site. They packed up and drove to their new home in a new state only to find the house was already occupied by someone else claiming to be the owner. No, it wasn’t a remake of Beetlejuice, and they weren’t dealing with ghosts. These were real, live folks who insisted they had a right to be there!

Nightmare Neighbors

A homeowner bought her new house, and all was well until someone moved in next door. This neighbor started leaving notes on the homeowner’s car about where she parked, insisted on access to her yard to get to the back of his property, and complained about where her fence was located. Difficult neighbor situations like this can seem like a horror story (in this case more like Fright Night and not at all like the lovable Grumpy Old Men!)

Title insurance isn’t something anyone really thinks about, and yet it is so important, as these property owners discovered, in trying to figure out the best solution to these spine-chilling situations. At Westcor, we pride ourselves on being ready to offer sound advice and expert service during unique situations.

Happy Halloween!