Announcement of New Westcor Specialty Initiative - Closepin

Maitland, FL, February 2, 2017 — A few weeks ago Westcor launched a new Company, Westcor Specialty (learn more at Westcor Specialty is pleased to announce its first initiative: CLOSEPIN.

Closepin: Simplifies the closing process for consumers, lenders, and closing agents. Closepin offers consumers an on-line tool to search for, compare, and select a closing agent; offers lenders a compliance management program for their closing agent network; and offers closing agents increased exposure to lenders and consumers.

The regulatory pressure placed upon lenders in recent years has in some cases resulted in unintended consequences for closing agents. In order to manage their closing network some lenders have restricted the size of their approved closing agent network. Closepin offers lenders a convenient and automated compliance management program so that they can reduce their cost of oversight while continuing to offer their customers a wide local closing agent network.

This is exciting news for you, our agents, as you will gain an early advantage by being the first closing agents in Closepin.

Westcor has created a profile within Closepin for you, and is offering you a one year free subscription. You will receive email communication and instructions directly from Closepin in the next few weeks which will describe how to log on and complete your profile. If you do not desire to take advantage of this offer from Westcor, feel free to disregard the email from Closepin – no further action is required. We are very excited about this new innovation from Westcor Specialty and know that it will position our agents for additional exposure to increase success with lenders, realtors, and consumers.

Stay tuned for additional communication regarding the launch of Closepin and! If you would like more information in the meantime, please reach out to the Closepin customer support team at or (844) 833-3495.

About Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company is a leading national title insurance underwriter that has emerged as a source of local and national market expertise by utilizing rigorous and multi-layered qualification processes. Westcor recruits and maintains a highly qualified nationwide title and closing agent network. Westcor’s team of high caliber title professionals has earned a reputation as industry leaders in providing value-added solutions to agents and their customers.

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