What’s so important about your signature block anyway?

What’s so important about your signature block anyway?

Marketing has always been a passion of mine. The concept of branding fascinates me, and in today’s world, even more so. Branding has come a long way. With the help of technology, today’s companies are recognized by symbols alone, or colors. Let’s face it, we could all most likely identify Facebook by their signature color, Pantone 7455.

Staying unified and managing a brand takes lots of discipline. That same discipline sets you apart from your competition. Let’s talk about signature blocks, or your “silent” sales person. Emails are the lifeblood of business communication. Most everyone in your company has one; think of the number of emails that are sent everyday by every person in your company. Each email sent, replied to, and forwarded is representing your brand. Wow, when you think about it, that’s a lot of opportunity for brand exposure! Keeping your company’s signature block unified is an easy way to present your brand in a professional way.

Here are some of my favorite tips to consider when setting up a standard signature block for your company:

Keep it short (skip graphics, pictures and stationaries).

Use fonts that are universal and easy to read.

ALWAYS include: name, role, company name, address (if necessary), phone, mobile phone, email, website address, social media icons or link to blogs. (If the company is celebrating a milestone, you could use a special tag-line.)

Make sure to send test emails within your company, so you can adjust as necessary.

Create a step-by-step tutorial on setting up the company signature block.

Don’t forget to set this up your mobile devices, too!

Put your “silent” sale person to work and promote your brand!

Written By:

Susan Green | Communications Director